Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The start of China / Hong Kong

 We arrived at Delhi Airport which was very modern.  The flight was a bit weird as it was at night time so everyone went to sleep but they kept waking us up every few hours for various food and drink!  I pretty much stayed up the whole flight as I just couldn't get comfortable!

We arrived in Hong Kong in the morning and then had to get a long bus journey to Causeway bay which is where we were staying.  When we got there we found that our hostel was an illegal hostel which was random, but it was very nice anyway.

Our first day was pretty much spent looking for a laptop which we managed to find, and navigating the metro system.  The computer stores in Hong Kong are really random as they are like lots of small market shops under one roof.  We managed to get an alright deal (same prices as UK) and now own a lovely net book.

In the evening we went to the Supermarket which was awesome, they have live fish there, a really good sushi section, and loads of interesting food!  We just got a little bit for tea and then stayed in the hostel for an early night.

The next day we met up with our wonderful friend Gloria who we had met in Varanasi in India.  She lives in Hong Kong so she showed us round!

 We went for amazing Dim Sum with her, which was really tasty.  The prawn ones were amazing!  We then got the tram up the "Peak".  Now the peak is a really steep mountain which when you get up it, your suppose to have this amazing vista of the whole of Hong Kong, unfortunately for us all we got to see was a massive cloud, as the weather was really against us!  We got to see a little on the way down, but the tram was still a fun experience.

We then headed to Mong Kok, which is really busy, full of shops and fluorescent lights!  We wandered around, and went into some pet shops where you could pet dogs (I really enjoyed this, but Andy and Gloria gave me crazy cat lady looks), we then wandered down some of the markets, had some bubble tea and street food.  We then went back to the hostel and drank there with some new friends we had made.

The 3rd day we got the cable car up to see the Big Buddha   The cable car was amazing   It was such a long que for it, but it was totally worth it.  You saw the airport really well as well as all the high rises in the city behind.  You also could see a little village nestled into the mountain side as you ascended the mountain. As we went past the Big Buddha in the cable car the statue was shrouded in mist.  But once we were at the top of the mountain we were greeted to a disneylandesqu shopping center, all with heavily inflated prices for food and souvenirs.

 I was abit disappointed as I had though the Big Buddha was an old statue, to find out it was only made in 1997 as a symbol of goodwill between China and Hong Kong, when China took Hong Kong back in 1997. On the statue it says 1997 - 2047, which I asked Gloria about.  Its suppose to mean that China can't change anything about Hong Kong for the first 50 years of it being integrated back into China, but apparently they are already changing things, to make it more Chinese, whilst Hong Kong is now striving for better democracy within its politics, even though they will have to become fully communist in 2047.  Its quite a strange idea.

The big Buddha was good, but the cable car was definitely better.  We then went back to get to the light show that is on every night on the water front in Hong Kong.  When we got there the view was stunning.  It was the most beautiful cityscape I have ever seen.  The light show started and it was really fun and an awesome atmosphere.  The clouds in the sky just made everything more dramatic.

We then went out clubbing, which was different   We managed to get caught up in the ex pats clubbing area, which meant everything was expensive and it was alot of rich older guys, trying to pull younger women.

On the last day we met up with Gloria again and had some amazing food in a tea shop (pork and wonton noddle soup - which I think is the best food I have had while traveling!) and saw the film life of Pi which was amazing!  Really enjoyed going to the cinema for abit of normality!  Me and Andy then wandered over to Time square and had some really tasty street food (I had friend Chicken which was the best chicken I have ever had).

We then relaxed ready for leaving Hong Kong!


  1. So, you aren't vegetarian anymore? Wise move, particularly if you aere travelling to remote areas.

    Hope you are still enjoying every minute. Where next?

    1. No I stopped being veggy last year! And yeah it would have been difficult in some places finding veggy food, although we have met quite a few veggys who seem to be doing ok!

      I'm in Cambodia now, my blogs very behind! Vietnam has been my fave place so far!