Monday, 19 September 2011

So It begins

Me and Andy have made our first trip to STA (in Leeds), I think its really helped just to clarify to us that our trip is possible with the unfortunate exception of India Vs. Japan, which I knew might be a problem.  The problem is I have wanted to go to India since I was a little girl.  My Dad gave me a Indian Barbie doll when I was little, and ever since then I have been entranced by the culture.  Andy however isn't so bothered about India, as he wants to visit the technology mecca that is Japan, and sadly I don't think either of us will budge and unless we can find a suitable solution (which unfortunately won't be traveling to Japan from Australia to have a mini holiday, as the flights just back from Japan to Australia are £1000 each, I think I actually squealed when we found that out) we might have to flip a coin to decide our beginning city! But either way im still so excited.  We still have one long year to go. but its an amazing start!