Friday, 28 December 2012

Delhi (again) / End of India

We got our train from Varanasi to Delhi and stayed at a hostel that was pretty near our first hostel, so it was pretty easy to find.

We then got a rickshaw to a Sikh temple called Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.  It was very interesting as it was the first Sikh temple we had been too.  Its a very gentle offshoot of Hinduism and seems miles away from the materialism of Hinduism.  As we arrived they were giving out free lunch to people, we were thinking of having some  but as  were not Sikh's we felt we probably shouldn't have any.  They then had a very efficient shoe storage area, which you didn't have to pay for (you do in Hindu temples).

Once we got in, both sexes have to cover their hair with a scarf, which I thought was really amazing, much more equal than other religions.

The inside of the temple was beautiful and everything was calm, and when you came out they gave you a sweet.  They then had a sacred pool you could walk around, which had Koi Carp in it.  It was a very good and interesting experience.

We then got the Metro (which is really awesome  in Delhi) to the Indira Gandhi museum but it was closed due to a security breach.  We then went to India Gate, which commemorates Indian people who have died in wars.

We then went to the National Modern Art Gallery, which I really enjoyed but Andy wasn't so bothered, as it was mostly paintings.  I stayed so long that they turned the lights off and shooed me out.

We then went to the bar we enjoyed last time and met a french couple we had me in Pushkar.  On the way home we saw a giant Hindu festival happening, and watched that for abit.

The next day we went to Qutub Minar, which is a big ruins outside of Delhi of an Ancient city, made of sandstone.  We found another little Ruin of a tomb on the way which was cool as there were so many butterflies there.

When we got to Qutub Minar we just wandered around it and took photos and relaxed as it had a really nice park vibe to it, and alot of families were having picnics.

The last day we spent in Delhi, we didn't really do alot, as we had to carry all our valuables around with us, we tried to go to another Bollywood, but they wanted us to leave our bags at the back of the cinema  so we refused.  We then went to park and a man came up and started talking to us, he then said he was a professional ear cleaner and then just grabbed Andy's ear and started cleaning it!  It was abit like ear rape as he was using a pointed mental stick, any way alot of gunk came out of Andy's ear!

 We then waited in the hostel for our taxi and when it got there, we got in and then.... Nothing!  The taxi wouldn't start.  Me and Andy started to panic as we didn't want to be stuck in Delhi when we needed to be on our way to the airport. The taxi driver tried a few times and then me and Andy started to say were getting a different taxi, but he jumped out and got about half the street to help push the car until it started!  And finally we were off.  Excited for Hong Kong, but sad to be leaving the crazy world of India.

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