Sunday, 20 January 2013

Nanning / Chinese drinking culture

We had to get an overnight train to Nanning.  Luckily our friend Dominic can speak a little Chinese so had managed to get our tickets for us.

The train was fine, but the walk to the hostel was really long, but once we got there the hostel was amazing.  It was called the Green Forest Hostel and had some really lovely staff.

The first day we didn't do very much but went to the night market which was pretty cool.  Andy tried duck's blood soup which was pretty horrible, like a grey broth with lumps of congealed blood in it.  They also hd loads of live fish there to choose and we saw a dead dog hung up to be eaten, which was interesting, but not a nice sight, especially as I have a little dog at home!

The next day me and Andy went to the park which was really cool.  There was a path that was completely misty, which they did by spraying cold steam into the air.

They also had a flower competition on and had created a dragon and a bird out of flowers, which was amazing.

It also had a small amusement park in it, where we went on a terrifying roller coaster that felt like it might break any moment, and a funny ghost house (funny because it was so bad!)!

We then went for a night out which is one of the most epic nights out ever.  We met a British guy who said that all the Chinese people in the club will buy drinks for you because your foreign. We were fairly skeptical about this, but went anyway.  Me and Andy bought some drinks, and then suddenly I was pulled up to the VIP area by some 50 year old men, then they started dancing with me and getting me to drink. I called over Andy and Isaac but the business men didn't like it being a joint deal and started dancing with all 3, and at the last moment we realized they had danced us out of the VIP area (we realized afterwards they were probably part of the government!)!

 Another group of young guys then called us over, and effectively used us as pulling tools to get ladies over to dance with them.  We found out they say gambae in China it means down your drink, and if you down drink it all they will hold it to your lips until you do. Any other conversation aside from gambae is limited to hand gestures as no one speaks English!

Isaac, Andy and our new friends
We found all the people we danced with very generous.  As soon as your cup is empty it is filled up straight away.  The drinks consists of whiskey and green tea, which sounds horrible but is actually pretty nice, and quite sweet, and its very good quality whiskey. the culture in China is for everyone to sit around tables, and there isn't much dancing, and as you order drinks the bar staff bring trays of fruit over to you!  Its completely different from the UK.

The club itself was very modern and swanky, they had a couple of singers on, a burlesque show and at one point handed out balloons for everyone to wave.  We stayed with our new friends until they started throwing up over the table, and we decided not to out stay our welcome.  We walked around the club and some Japanese business men pulled me to their table, telling me I was very beautiful, they had one of the club promoters (Charles, I cant remember his Chinese name!) with them translating for them, who I got on really well with, who was friends with another table which had some younger people on it.  The ladies there were downing several drinks in the time it took me to finish one!  They wanted me to drink faster but I was fairly hammered by this point.  And we left soon afterwards. A little worse for wear!

Me and Charles

The next day we didn't do anything as we were so hung over!

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