Tuesday, 4 December 2012


We arrived in Delhi very late from Agra, as our train had been delayed by 4 hours.  We weren't really looking forward to being in Delhi as we had heard alot of people being very negative about Delhi saying how horrible, busy and smelly it was.  We had also read the reviews for our hostel there, and people had been saying it was in a slum!  So we were abit nervous of it!

Our first impression of Delhi was busy but good.  We were in Pahar Ganj which is the touristy area.  After wandering around for ages we found our hostel down a set of winding back streets with tiny shops set in them, definitively not a slum!  So we were quite relieved.

We decided to go out for a drink, and found a cheap looking bar, inside we found.... Europe!  It was a little bar selling beer (mostly Indian guys there), with a mixture of rock and pop music playing.  

We sat down, and one Indian guy started trying to talk to us, and another guy pulled him away.  We weren't sure what was happening, but later we realized it was a security guard, so basically Indians aren't allowed to mix with tourists, which is what we found alot in India, which I find strange.

We found 2 cool Swedish guys who we chatted to most of the night, although one had to dash off home to the toilet as he had "Delhi Belly".  

The next day we went for breakfast and then headed off to Varanasi!  But yeah we liked Dehli!

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