Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Year Of The Dragon

Well this is a very overdue post, so apologies for that!

I feel like 2012 is mine and Andy's year.  Its the Chinese year of the Dragon, which is a symbol of good fortune, and also mine and Andy's Chinese sign too, which in Chinese Astrology means it is a very auspicious year for us!  So very good for traveling.

Speaking of traveling... we have finally booked the  first leg of our journey.  We spoke to a very helpful guy called James in STA travel, who we sorted most of the details out with for the whole of our trip.  Unfortunately we couldn't get all our tickets in one go as most Air Travel companies only release tickets 11 or 9 months in advance, so we are booking the rest in May.

So we are now the proud owners of tickets to leave the UK on the 14th October to go to Goa!  Which is pretty amazing as we are traveling around India for 5 Weeks meaning we will be there for Diwali, which will be really interesting, as I only know a little about the festival.  We are then traveling onto Hong Kong, and thats all we have booked at the moment, but is it the start of our little adventure!

Me and Andy also went for lunch with his sister Lisa, who has just completed an equally amazing adventure with her boyfriend Rob, to get any travel tips from her.  Its was really good to hear her stories, and get more of an idea of where to go, what to do and how things will actually cost!  One of the main things me and Andy want to do now is cooking courses as we both love food.  Lisa was telling us of all the delicious meals they learnt to make while doing the courses, and you seem to get a real sense of the traditional foods of each place.  Lisa has finished her blog now but it really is worth reading if your planning a trip!  You can read it here!

So that was our exciting February!

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