Monday, 14 May 2012

Camera to a good home

So there is 153 days left before I go or  less than 5 months if you prefer, my original draft of this says 186 days to go, which says 1) I am lazy about posting on my blog and 2) shows how much faster time is going now.

There is still so much to do and decide although the plans are looking much better now, much more concrete its much more about finalizing how much time we shall spend in each place after Hong Kong, and also how we shall get around etc.

I am much more aware and worried more than ever about the fiances of this trip now, as Andy made me do what I have (will most likely continue to try and do) been trying desperately to avoid, which is look over my savings.  I am very good with the whole picture but I am horribly rubbish about little details, such as where is all this money coming from....  As I already knew Andy has alot more money than me, although I have been trying hard to save, I have been overspending on "FUN" which now seems to be a swearword until we depart Britain. I now have the grand sum of £5 to spend on "fun" a month.

The problem for me is I still have my student overdraft, which needs to be paid off, and It looks like I will have to sell my beloved Canon camera to pay for it.  I had been worried about taking it with me as it is worth abit, and its also incredible big and heavy for carrying around with me.  But it does make me sad to sell it, as I want someone to love it as much as I do, which is stupid and sentimental, but its how I feel! Saying that though I'm now starting to think about what camera I will buy to replace it as I will need something fairly good but light, and if anyone has any ideas please comment!  I like the look of the Olympus Pen, but I haven't really been looking all that much.

We should be booking the rest of our trip around the 25th which is amazing!  I really can't wait now, although there is still so much to sort out!


  1. Have a look at the Canon G1X - good sensor size, and not too big.

    I'd love to buy your camera, but:

    a) I've already got one that I don't use enough
    b) I've no money either


  2. Thanks John. Hows your photography going?

  3. Just had a look at the Canon G1X but its far to expensive for me although it does look really good!