Friday, 6 January 2012

The 1st October...

Hello!  Sorry about lack of posting, it's been a full few months with the new job, my friends wedding, and all of Christmas to contend with, but I'm back, focusing on traveling now!

We now have a confirmed date for booking at STA on 10th February, which is very exciting, and the day before we are taking Andy's Sister, Lisa, and her partner out for lunch as they will just be back from doing their round the world trip, so we can get all the gossip from them about where to go, and how to spend our time, which is very important (not to mention where to go on the cheap!)  If your interested to see Lisa's trip check out her blog.

We have also set out a date to leave which is *Drum roll* 1st October, which is a Monday, so kind of perfect!  So 269 days left!

We more or less have a route now too, and we have solved our dilemma, of Japan or India, and we are going to India (thank you Andy).  I think in the end it was the money situation that won out as Japan will be a vast amount more expensive than India!  Either way I'm ecstatic!

I will be writing again soon

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