Sunday, 2 October 2011


Its been busy since I last posted!  Went to Leeds to see Andy for his housewarming party at his new (very swish) Leeds city centre apartment.  We had a lovely time both out on a night out and the next day, where we went to a Damien Hirst exhibition, curry festival and Tea out.  Was very exciting.  Really enjoyed Hirst's Superstition and Buttery Painting's.  

This past week I've also started a new job as a support worker and also got a new HTC phone joining the 21st century at last in technology standards, although Andy does find it amusing that I am so paranoid that google wants to track my position at all times, but at the same time, why should I let some company decide what it does with my personal information.  Same with Facebook really, as I have been giving some thought to deleting my account....

But back to the business of travel.  We are no further along with the planning, apart from the date for buying out plane tickets has been put back to late January due to money constraints, but I feel we still should plan trip before Christmas even if we do not book until afterwards.  And on the plus side, we now have 1 year to go.... How truly exciting.

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