Thursday, 18 October 2012


So were in Goa! It's very chilled and relaxed here. It's still India and crazy but a more relaxed crazy! Our time in India started at 3.30am inside a tiny, hot airport. We thought there would be a airport lounge to hang out in, but once you clear security your outside! We got talking to a lady called Maria and then got a taxi with her once the sun came up.

The first taxi ride will be one of my most magical and enduring memories. The sun was rising through the palm trees with the smells of smoke and damp soil. The people were going about there daily routines. Selling fruit by the road side, children waiting for the school bus, roadside shrines everywhere. This overload of sences is before the crazy traffic, drifting in and out, around people and each other, almost crashing but never quite.

The first hostel was ok, the people weren't for us, but the place was lovely called Vagator. More of an Indian Tourist destination, but its apparently flooded by Russians in a few weeks who "drink Vodka, smoke and don't buy much" according to one Indian we spoke too.

We saw so many cows and went to the beach, were followed by stall holders trying to get us to buy stuff, they can be quite aggressive!

We then walked up to a fort and went to a proper market, we were pretty much the only western people there, and one stall holder followed us the whole way round and got angry when we didn't want anything from her stall. You have to be very firm with people here.

Were now in Anjuna, and I prefer it here. Were staying at the Evershine hostel, Sabastiana who runs it, is a star. Everyone is so chilled out here and we have met loads of cool people already. We sat around yesterday listening to Justin playing and singing guitar (he was doing it in his room, but Sebastiana told him to come and play for all of us. It's just such a friendly place. The beach is beautiful and I had a perfect moment just sitting staring at the sea thinking how amazing my life is now. And how grateful I am that I'm here.

Today me and Andy met my Uncle Philip's friend Sabu. And it was really insightful talking to him about India. We ate coconuts and sat in a cafe. And later were going swimming!

So basically I love Goa and Mumbai will be such a change!

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  1. Off to a great start by the sound of it Steph . The hostel sounds like fun and great photos x